The Perfect Feel Good Read 📚

‘Marry Me Tomorrow’ by Carla Burgess

I’m one of those people that worries about anything and everything. Whether it be work, plans for the weekend or what to buy in the weekly food shop, it’s on my mind. Sometimes I get tired of the worry and stress and I look for ways to escape this.

I love a good book. I’m very selective with my choices and tend to avoid psychological thrillers or any deeply depressing content that you can often find in true stories. My anxiety can make me feel down and upset sometimes and I don’t always know why. Reading books like this only makes that feeling linger.

Indulging in a feel good book and reading about somebody else’s life instead of my own, allows me to focus less on things that most of the time aren’t actually worth worrying about.

Here are a few reasons why I really enjoyed this book and would recommend this to anyone looking for a pick me up.

It’s cosy and festive

Christmas is my favourite time of year and nothing makes me feel happier than enjoying that festive build up. Cosy pjs, woolly jumpers and glistening fairy lights are just a few of the things that excite me. I’m thinking of Buddy from Elf as I write this. Marry Me Tomorrow is set in the Christmas period and has lots of lovely festive moments, perfect for those nights when it’s raining and you’re wrapped in your blanket with a book. If you like Christmas trees, hot chocolate with marshmallows and festive get togethers, you’ll love this.

It’s light hearted and funny

There are lots of humerous moments in this book (some of which I can totally relate to) that actually had me giggling out loud. This story has some excellent characters and although it’s slightly predictable, I can’t help but enjoy this and its simplicity.

I couldn’t put it down

Due to its happy and heart warming nature, I really enjoyed grasping an opportunity to read this whenever I had a bit of spare time. I’ve come across books before that I’ve lost interest in which made it incredibly difficult to make it to the end. Marry Me Tomorrow is the perfect combination of family, love and friendship.

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