Pancake Day – 5 Delicious Recipe Ideas

I’m actually prepared this year and have purchased all of my ingredients for Pancake Day. I say ingredients, but I’m actually using the ready made mix as oppose to making them from scratch.

I’m usually the sort of person who forgets when Pancake Day is and decides to buy the mix the day before. As you can imagine, it’s usually sold out, so this year I’m super excited to try out lots of different toppings and have an excuse to indulge in a sweet treat.

If you’ve read my latest blogpost, you’ll know that I’m currently on a bit of a health kick to shift some post Christmas weight. You do only live once though, so I won’t be calorie counting on Tuesday and I will be enjoying pancakes. With that in mind, I’d like to share 5 delicious recipe ideas I’ve come across on Pinterest!

White chocolate raspberry pancake

white chocolate raspberry pancake

I’m a big fan of white chocolate raspberry cookies and the thought of having this as a pancake topping is literally making me salivate. One of my favourite things about this particular pin is how the pancakes are shaped as hearts. I think it ties in quite nicely with the fact that it’s Valentine’s Day on Wednesday 🙂

Oreo pancake

Oreo pancake

I love Oreo flavoured treats. Oreo milkshakes are literally amazing and they also make an excellent cheesecake. It’s a recipe that combines chocolate cookies, chocolate sauce and whipped cream, you can’t go wrong!

Funfetti pancakes

funfetti pancakes

This recipe looks like so much fun. It’s colourful, fluffy and perfect for birthdays. It’s actually my mum’s birthday on Pancake Day so the theme couldn’t be more perfect. Taking that into account and the fact that the recipe includes sprinkles, I think this is a winner.

Nutella stuffed pancakes

nutella pancakes

Who doesn’t love the classic Nutella pancake topped with strawberries and a soft white layer of icing sugar? This is by far one of my favourite pancake recipes and is also another nice option for a pre-valentines day treat.

Double chocolate pancakes

double chocolate pancakes

From the last few recipes, you can see that there’s a running theme of chocolate here. Why not have double chocolate? Smothered in a drizzle of chocolate ganache fluffy chocolate pancake layers, I think the phrase ‘death by chocolate’ sums this up perfectly.

The recipes

White Chocolate Raspberry



Nutella Stuffed

Double Chocolate

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