We Got a Kitten – Meet Milo

I haven’t had a lot of spare time on my hands recently and if you read my latest blogpost, you’ll know why! My fiancé and I have been playing around with the idea of getting a kitten for a while now. We absolutely love animals and would have loved a dog too, however our current working schedules would mean we’d struggle to take it for regular walks. Thankfully, cats are slightly more independent. We finally took the plunge a few weeks ago and it’s the best decision we’ve ever made!

Meet Milo

He absolutely melts my heart. I can’t even begin to describe how much I love this kitten. My fiancé and I have spent the last few weeks getting to know him and welcoming him into the family. He really is the perfect addition to our household, and we’ve named him Milo.

Kittens and anxiety

milo kitten cat anxiety

I suffer from anxiety and have done for a while now. One of the reasons why I’ve been so desperate to get a kitten, is because they have such a positive impact on my anxiety. Milo makes me feel so happy and loved. He gives the best cuddles and helps to calm me down on days where my anxiety is heightened. Plus, he’s super cute and I just want to squeeze him.

Naps with kittens fix everything

milo kitten cat cuddle

I’m a big fan of naps, especially when I’m having a lazy Sunday. Milo is the best companion. At the moment, he likes to curl up on my chest. He loves a cuddle and sleep in the morning which, as you can imagine, makes it even harder to get out of bed. I often find myself listening to him purr his little head off as we snuggle. He’s doing it as I write this blog!

He’s a playful and curious kitten

milo kitten cat playful

So far, we’ve taught him how to play fetch. It’s unbelievably sweet as he comes running towards us, all tiny, fluffy and excited, and wants to play more. He’s very affectionate and will often follow you around to see what you’re up to.

Find Milo

kitten cat wheres milo

My fiancé and I have recently come up with a little game called ‘Find Milo’. We often find him exploring parts of the house, going into one side of the wardrobe and coming out of the other. He even sat in the fridge once, he’s such a character!

Welcome to the family

milo kitten cat cuddle

Anyway, I wanted to create a blogpost about our new little addition, as it’s about time he made a debut on my blog. You may have seen him make a mini appearance on my Twitter. He is taking up a lot of my evenings at the moment (with him being in his baby stage) and I love it. I want to make the most of his littleness whilst I can 💗🙂

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    Milo is sooo cute!! 😀 By the way, thank you so much for following me. Hope you will enjoy reading my blog.

    • April 28, 2018 at 1:47 pm

      Thank you! 🙂 I’m certainly looking forward to readying your content. I love your blog name by the way, so cute! 💖


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