5 Things To Do in the Build-up to Christmas 🎄

November has literally flown by and I’ve got around two weeks left until I finish work for the holidays. I’m excited for endless Netflix binges and a trip to the Christmas markets for pancakes drizzled in Nutella and coated in soft white sugar. I only ever really go to the markets for food. Then there’s the Christmas food shop with my mum where we buy lots of Christmassy snacks that we don’t actually need, but it’s fun, it’s tradition. I really do love the build-up to Christmas and here are five things that I think are a must in the Christmas period 🎄

1. Enjoy a hot chocolate with whipped cream and marshmallows

hot chocolateThere is genuine wave of excitement when coffee shops start bringing out their festive take out cups and syrups. Hot chocolate is usually my go to drink anyway as I’m not really a fan of coffee, but it feels extra special when Christmas is just around the corner. You have an excuse to pile on the whipped cream and marshmallows whilst sitting in a cosy corner of Caffè Nero.

2. Turn your home into a cosy festive grotto

Hand on heart, I genuinely love coming home to my Christmas tree and cosying up on the sofa as it glistens with it’s pretty lights and decorations. Candles are of course a must and create the best atmosphere for watching a film or reading a good book. I sound like an old woman, but I promise I’m in my mid-twenties!

3. Binge on Christmas films

Christmas tree popcornWhat’s your favourite Christmas film? My all time favourite has to be Elf. The first time I watched this, I received the DVD as a Christmas present off my mum and watched it that evening. I was wrapped in a blanket on the sofa, Christmas lights gleaming, and as I turned my head to look out of the window, it started snowing. It was a super festive moment and one of my favourite memories. Who doesn’t love flicking through the Radio Times and circling the festive films you’re going to watch?

4. Kit out your wardrobe with festive knits and jumpers

Christmas jumper joy reindeerGetting dressed for work in the mornings is so easy right now. My wardrobe is genuinely full of cosy jumpers and festive knits and I love it. We’re having a Christmas jumper day at work and I’ve gone for this cute little number this year! 🐧

Christmas jumper penguins

5. Have a games night with family and friends

Scrabble Christmas letters I’m really enjoying games nights right now. They’re a great ice breaker for those members of the family that you don’t see that often and it gives everyone a chance to get involved. I’ve been to get togethers with my other half where we’ve done a Christmas quiz or played poker, all whilst snacking on pretzels and drinking Prosecco. I’m more of a social drinker these days so it doesn’t take many glasses before the alcohol brings out my tipsy self.


Ultimately, my favourite thing about Christmas is going home to spend it my family. It’s almost a tradition for my fiancé and I to do the trip back home with the Christmas tunes playing for most of our journey. We then make our way round family and friends and this is by far the best part. It’s important to remember that presents are great, but those memories with your nearest and dearest (even if they do drive you mad sometimes!) will always mean more 🙂

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