Christmas – Getting Creative With Gift Wrap

Christmas is fast approaching and I’m already seeing lots of festive decorations, food and treats when I’m out and about. It’s amazing, I can’t even begin to explain the excitement and joy I feel. The build up to Christmas Day is my favourite, along with the preparations that come with this.

If you’ve read one of my more recent festive blogposts, you’ll know that I’ve started my Christmas shopping and bought a few bits and pieces for the house. One thing I’m struggling with at the moment is choosing my wrapping paper this year. My standard routine involves the usual festive gift wrap, ribbons and bows. This year however, I’d like to change my approach and be a little more creative (not too creative though as I’ll only get frustrated at how fiddly and long the process can be).

Pinterest is my go to place for inspiration as I’m sure it is for many. There are some lovely ideas that I’ve come across and I thought it would be nice to share some of my favourite pins with you.

1. Rose gold and jingle bells

I am a huge fan of rose gold. I love it so much that it’s actually the colour scheme for my wedding. This first pin is one of my favourites. It’s pretty, it’s festive and it even has a rustic feel to it with the twine and bells!

Christmas present jingle bells

2. Fresh mint

I’ve picked this second pin based on both colour and design. The mint green really does compliment the kraft paper, the paper of which is nice and cheap. I’ve seen a few designs with baubles on them now and I do think they look quite cute. They’re also a nice alternative to the generic bow.

Christmas present baubles

3. O Christmas Tree

Pin number three stood out to me mainly because the design is simplistic yet super creative with twine and tree sprigs. It’s a lovely concept and very different to what I would normally do. I’m a big fan of the greenery on this one, and who doesn’t love Christmas trees?

Christmas present trees

4. Bunting

This next pin is perfect for those who like detailed and intricate wrapping. This design is so cute and pretty to look at, so much so that if I received a present wrapped like this, I couldn’t bring myself to open it!

Christmas present bunting

5. The aww factor

This last pin is adorable and great for those who are sentimental. We have glitter, a reindeer and a bow, what more could you ask for with gift wrap? I think this would be a lovely keepsake and it’s perfect for those with kids.

Christmas present reindeer bow

Which one will I use for my inspiration?

The rose gold paper with twine is a must. I’ve seen a really lovely set in Morrisons, but I’m keeping my options open for now as I haven’t had a proper browse as of yet. I’ve also seen some plain kraft wrapping paper in Tiger that I could decorate with some copper leaves covered in glitter from Wilkos. Add that to the twine and it could be a really lovely combination!

If you’ve come across any nice ideas or have a few of your own, let me know! I love creative things like this 🤗

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