Easter Bank Holiday – Cat Cafe and Cake

It feels like forever since I wrote my last blogpost. Between work and Easter Bank Holiday socialising, I haven’t had any free time on my hands (which is quite rare for me). So what kept me so busy this Bank Holiday? Well, for those who like cats and cake, you’re in for a treat, as one of my family get togethers involved a cat cafe. I’m also using some of my own photos in this post!πŸ™‚

Cat cafe – Manchester

Cat cafe Manchester

I’ve been wanting to visit a cat cafe for a while now. I find animals in general quite therapeutic and they work wonders for my anxiety. I finally booked myself and family in for some kitten time this Easter Bank Holiday and it did not disappoint.

Casually chilling on top of a fish tank

Cat cafe Manchester

Yes, this is a cat just chilling on top of a fish tank. I can guarantee you that you will spend most of your time following the cats around the cafe and wanting them to love you. There are little cat toys scattered around for those feeling playful, although one cat did seem more content sitting in a box wrapped in plastic πŸ™ˆ

Cat cafe Manchester

Cat cafe sweet treats

Chocolate orange cake cat cafe

What sort of trip to a cafe would it be if you didn’t have cake? I have a passion for cake and there were a few sweet treats that caught my eye on my visit to the cat cafe. The chocolate orange cake was amazing. I felt sick after eating it, but it was worth it.

Cate cafe tea and coffee

As part of your booking, you get unlimited hot and cold drinks. They have a great selection on offer, the pink raspberry lemonade in particular was a favourite of mine.

Cats, cats and more cats

Cat cafe salted caramel chocolate cake

As you can probably guess, everything is cat themed! This salted caramel chocolate cake was super cute. There were also cat themed cupcakes. I honestly did enjoy my visit here and would definitely recommend it to anyone who needs a cat fix. It’s different, it’s fun and you get to close yourself off from the world for an hour πŸ™‚

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